Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping L.L.C is a reliable partner that meets and exceeds customer expectations in terms of quality, reliability, safety, operation, innovation and environmental compatibility of our services.

An Integrated Management System (IMS) has been introduced to manage processes, planning, implementation, monitoring and improvement of the relevant activities. This system meets the requirements of the international rules for management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and forms the basis for the implementation of OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) that cover (Ship Charterers and directing of provision of services related to Oil Field services) and continually improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

In order to achieve and maintain this, Jawar Al Khaleej shipping L.L.C is committed to:

  • Provide high quality competitive services that meet customer requirements to achieve their satisfaction at all times.
  • All employees and management staff undertake to comply with the applicable legal requirements and regulations as well as group stipulations.
  • Preserve resources and the environment and achieve healthy and safe working environment conditions & highly control and follow up all processes that are executed by the outsource companies to avoid injuries, accidents and illnesses for our staff and all other interested parties.
  • Implementation and improvement of high quality standards and commitment to the areas of environmental protection and occupational health and safety.
  • Innovation capability, reliability and open and dynamic behavior are the fundamental values of our company for outstanding services and the process of continual improvement.
  • Regular evaluation of processes with key performance indicators and the definition of objectives support this approach over the long term.
  • The extension of personal and professional qualifications through training and professional development measures and regular motivation by management staff ensure that the company‘s objectives are achieved, As our employees are the basis for our successful business model.
  • Review periodically the management systems as per ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by internal audits to ensure their effectiveness and are modified according to requirements. The Chairman is regularly notified of the performance of the management systems.
  • The quality, environmental and occupational health & safety policies described in the JAK QHSE Manual are realized through the above-mentioned measures. The JAK QHSE Manual serves as a binding guide for all employees to ensure quality-consciousness, customer-orientation and responsible action.