JAK provides the solution to housing offshore personnel in both safe and comfortable surroundings. For example: Our 200 man Jack-up Barge (RIVIERA I) is the efficient answer to your staff housing needs. The RIVIERA I provides a stable platform from which marine operations can be carried out and at the same time provide excellent hotel-style facilities for your workforce.

When jacked up onto the legs the barge provides a platform which can be raised and lowered above the sea level, a feature that is ideal where tidal rise exchange could otherwise cause problems. The main advantage is the ability to provide above adequate accommodation for your workforce in remote offshore locations thus reducing ever increasing travel costs.

With a 200 man capacity, it allows contractors to configure staffing logistics that best meets their unique needs rather than being forced to work around the costly limitations of a conventional travel/ jobsite scenario.

The barge unit is dimensioned for practical and economic marine applications at diverse and remote locations. Modular attachments, anchoring spuds, hydraulic and mechanical winch systems, and ancillary attachments allow further customizations to the specific needs of the project.

The 2013 re-fit included improved interior upgrade such as internet cafe, large recreational areas and TV/Media lounges, conference room and improved restaurant/mess facility, and spacious well maintained cabins with bathroom en-suite.

Safety is our key concern so with the 2012 C02 fire suppressant system installation/upgrade ensures both client and crew can sleep-easy.

With the ability to locate the system globally the “RIVIERA I” provides the perfect solution to the age old accommodation headache.