Welcome to JAK!

Our ambitions may lessen when we achieve our goals, but we must push ourselves further.
Our vision, our ambition must not end when we reach our goal, but rather be the launch pad for even greater targets. We must be tenacious and believe in our ability to surpass the limitations others place on us.

My recommendation to you to be optimistic about the future, to remember to be confident and take solace in the unlimited potential of tomorrow.
The only limits come from the edges of our imagination and passion.In JAK, we have identified 2 opportunities to excel, 2 goals to push us beyond our already ambitious goals. These 2 opportunities will differentiate us from our competitors while still aligning us with our core values as a company. These opportunities, these goals, these ambitions are:

Firstly, as custodians for the future that we’re building for our children, and our children’s children, we commit to greater consideration for the impact our operations have on the environment. The first step we will take is to transition our business to clean energy with the work of our marine units and contribute to preserving the environment.

Secondly, as leaders today we commit to actively contribute to the service of society. We will focus on addressing pressing issues experienced by real people. The first such challenges we hope to address are supporting selected families worldwide and contributing to charitable & development projects.

Dr. Baydaq Aljazaeri