Protection of the Health and Safety of the Seafarers

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Management of “jawar Al Khaleej shipping”  are exercising the utmost commitment towards the protection of the health and safety of the seafarers Operating their vessels, including passengers, work teams and visitors being transported and accommodated on the Accommodation Jack up unit“RIVIERA I”. 

Within the framework guidelines, set by the International maritime Organization and World Health Organization, The Joint operation of “jawar Al Khaleej shipping” and “General Company for Ports of Iraq as well as “Basra Oil Company”, have introduced the following procedures and preventive measures including, but not limited to:

  • Awareness presentations circulated to all vessels and presented onboard “RIVIERA 1”
  • two Doctors are assigned to operate the Hospital on board “RIVIERA I”
  • All arriving crew members, staff, GCPI teams, Basra Oil Teams, subcontractors and visitors are checked at the gangway by the Doctors. Personnel showing any signs of illness are returned back on the boat they arrived on. 
  • Cleaning and Disinfection of the vessels and accommodation quarters 
  • Ensuring that the crew are washing their hands with soap and water immediately after removing their PPE, and when cleaning and disinfection work is completed. 
  • The correct disposal of all used PPE in a double-bagged biohazard bag, which is then securely sealed and labelled. 
  • All crew are to be advised of the symptoms and are to report to their occupational health service if they develop symptoms.