JAK’s Chairman, Mr. Baydaq Al Jazaeri Award Certificate


Baydaq Al Jazaeri

Chairman of Jawar AL Khaleej Shipping

For the Awarded Diploma


Baydaq Al Jazaeri, Chairman of Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping has been selected to receive the title of the Honorary Professor of the Academic Union Oxford in the field of business and management – Marine Services Sector.  This nomination was based on  analysis done on the potential business men in the region, their vast knowledge and erudition, and how great and considerable were the achieved goals to the market, yet inspirational in  promoting the revival of the national economy.  This Honorary Award is considered to be  a symbol of credit and expression of thanks to people who promote social and intellectual progress of modern society, and development of integration in different fields of business.

Reflecting on his award win, Baydaq Said: “We take from the successful modules a vivid example as a solid ground to step on for further success and brightness. Day after day we will overcome challenges, well-define best practices that contribute in this success, continue improving our capabilities & efficiency till we reach to the level of excellence that inspires the world”.

Congratulations to our Chairman for this much-deserved award.